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So why don't you choose our Google Certified Professional Data Engineer Exam latest exam reviews, The most popular version is the PC version of Professional-Data-Engineer exam cram materials for its professional questions and answers on a simulated environment that 100% base on the real Professional-Data-Engineer test.

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An online retailer has built their current application on Google App Engine. A new initiative at the company mandates that they extend their application to allow their customers to transact directly via the application.
They need to manage their shopping transactions and analyze combined data from multiple datasets using a business intelligence (BI) tool. They want to use only a single database for this purpose. Which Google Cloud database should they choose?

A. Cloud SQLB. BigQueryC. Cloud BigTableD. Cloud Datastore

Answer: C



You have a petabyte of analytics data and need to design a storage and processing platform for it. You must be able to perform data warehouse-style analytics on the data in Google Cloud and expose the dataset as files for batch analysis tools in other cloud providers. What should you do?

A. Store and process the entire dataset in BigQuery.B. Store the warm data as files in Cloud Storage, and store the active data in BigQuery. Keep this ratio as
80% warm and 20% active.C. Store and process the entire dataset in Cloud Bigtable.D. Store the full dataset in BigQuery, and store a compressed copy of the data in a Cloud Storage bucket.

Answer: D


MJTelco Case Study
Company Overview
MJTelco is a startup that plans to build networks in rapidly growing, underserved markets around the world. The company has patents for innovative optical communications hardware. Based on these patents, they can create many reliable, high-speed backbone links with inexpensive hardware.
Company Background
Founded by experienced telecom executives, MJTelco uses technologies originally developed to overcome communications challenges in space. Fundamental to their operation, they need to create a distributed data infrastructure that drives real-time analysis and incorporates machine learning to continuously optimize their topologies. Because their hardware is inexpensive, they plan to overdeploy the network allowing them to account for the impact of dynamic regional politics on location availability and cost.
Their management and operations teams are situated all around the globe creating many-to-many relationship between data consumers and provides in their system. After careful consideration, they decided public cloud is the perfect environment to support their needs.
Solution Concept
MJTelco is running a successful proof-of-concept (PoC) project in its labs. They have two primary needs:
Scale and harden their PoC to support significantly more data flows generated when they ramp to more

than 50,000 installations.
Refine their machine-learning cycles to verify and improve the dynamic models they use to control

topology definition.
MJTelco will also use three separate operating environments - development/test, staging, and production
- to meet the needs of running experiments, deploying new features, and serving production customers.
Business Requirements
Scale up their production environment with minimal cost, instantiating resources when and where

needed in an unpredictable, distributed telecom user community.
Ensure security of their proprietary data to protect their leading-edge machine learning and analysis.

Provide reliable and timely access to data for analysis from distributed research workers

Maintain isolated environments that support rapid iteration of their machine-learning models without

affecting their customers.
Technical Requirements
Ensure secure and efficient transport and storage of telemetry data

Rapidly scale instances to support between 10,000 and 100,000 data providers with multiple flows

Allow analysis and presentation against data tables tracking up to 2 years of data storing approximately

100m records/day
Support rapid iteration of monitoring infrastructure focused on awareness of data pipeline problems

both in telemetry flows and in production learning cycles.
CEO Statement
Our business model relies on our patents, analytics and dynamic machine learning. Our inexpensive hardware is organized to be highly reliable, which gives us cost advantages. We need to quickly stabilize our large distributed data pipelines to meet our reliability and capacity commitments.
CTO Statement
Our public cloud services must operate as advertised. We need resources that scale and keep our data secure. We also need environments in which our data scientists can carefully study and quickly adapt our models. Because we rely on automation to process our data, we also need our development and test environments to work as we iterate.
CFO Statement
The project is too large for us to maintain the hardware and software required for the data and analysis.
Also, we cannot afford to staff an operations team to monitor so many data feeds, so we will rely on automation and infrastructure. Google Cloud's machine learning will allow our quantitative researchers to work on our high-value problems instead of problems with our data pipelines.
MJTelco needs you to create a schema in Google Bigtable that will allow for the historical analysis of the last 2 years of records. Each record that comes in is sent every 15 minutes, and contains a unique identifier of the device and a data record. The most common query is for all the data for a given device for a given day. Which schema should you use?

A. Rowkey: data_point
Column data: device_id,dateB. Rowkey: date#device_id
Column data: data_pointC. Rowkey: date
Column data: device_id,data_pointD. Rowkey: device_id
Column data: date, data_pointE. Rowkey: date#data_point
Column data: device_id

Answer: A


Which of the following statements about the Wide & Deep Learning model are true? (Select 2 answers.)

A. The wide model is used for memorization, while the deep model is used for generalization.B. A good use for the wide and deep model is a small-scale linear regression problem.C. A good use for the wide and deep model is a recommender system.D. The wide model is used for generalization, while the deep model is used for memorization.

Answer: A,C

Can we teach computers to learn like humans do, by combining the power of memorization and generalization? It's not an easy question to answer, but by jointly training a wide linear model (for memorization) alongside a deep neural network (for generalization), one can combine the strengths of both to bring us one step closer. At Google, we call it Wide & Deep Learning. It's useful for generic large-scale regression and classification problems with sparse inputs (categorical features with a large number of possible feature values), such as recommender systems, search, and ranking problems.


To run a TensorFlow training job on your own computer using Cloud Machine Learning Engine, what would your command start with?

A. You can't run a TensorFlow program on your own computer using Cloud ML Engine .B. gcloud ml-engine jobs submit trainingC. gcloud ml-engine jobs submit training localD. gcloud ml-engine local train

Answer: D

gcloud ml-engine local train - run a Cloud ML Engine training job locally
This command runs the specified module in an environment similar to that of a live Cloud ML Engine Training Job.
This is especially useful in the case of testing distributed models, as it allows you to validate that you are properly interacting with the Cloud ML Engine cluster configuration.