Why do doctors prescribe valium 5mg?
Valium is sold under the generic name diazepam, which manages anxiety disorders and short-term treatment of anxiety issues. People who can buy valium 5mg online are prescribed for other disorders that arise from abnormal activity on the brain or nerves, including anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasm, and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. The medical community has become more aware of the abuse potential of valium. However, the drug is still frequently prescribed for several physical and psychiatric conditions. Valium is most commonly used as a way of revealing muscle spasms in acute back pain.

How does valium 5mg effect? 
Valium is the second-most commonly prescribed benzodiazepine; valium works to calm overactivity in the brain. This drug acts as a sedative tranquilizer and can have psychoactive effects; people may take more of the drug than prescribed to enhance these effects. Others may change the method of use by crushing and snorting the tablets. Valium 5mg can be habit-forming, and if a person uses the drug, then they are at an increased risk of addiction and other side effects, including overdose. People may use valium for several reasons; some use the drug to enhance their impact; these effects are taking valium to get high as the medicine can cause the least impact, Such a relaxation, euphoria, and a sense of well-being.

Side effects of valium 5mg

The more common side effects of valium that occur with valium include:DrowsinessTiredness or fatigueMuscle weaknessTremorDizzinessNauseaConstipation

some of the Serious side effects and their symptoms can include the following:

Changes in the brain or how you thinkWorsening of seizuresUnexpected reactionsLiver problemsIncrease or decree in sex driveWithdrawal symptomsKindly call your doctor right away if you have serious side effects.
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