Your web design in Dallas should be unique and attract positive attention from your target audience. Keeping up with the latest trends in web design can help keep your website fresh. As such, here are a few unique trends to consider incorporating in your web design.



Unique Trends to Use in Your Web Design in Dallas

Trends come and go, so it is important not to rely on a trend too heavily when it comes to your website design. However, these trends can add a visually appealing touch to your website that will turn heads.



Animated Graphics

Animated graphics are an excellent way to grab attention in a way that traditional photography or static graphics cannot. Animated graphics can be consistently moving in one place on the page, or they can be designed to be interactive when your audience hovers or scrolls.



Curved Shapes

Say goodbye to sharp lines and edges and hello to more curved shapes. By utilizing simplistic curved shapes in your website design Dallas, you add character without distracting your audience from the overall message.



Video Content

It is no secret that current users prefer video content over traditional text. Find places to incorporate video into your design, such as a fun behind-the-scenes video of a recent project or helpful resource videos for your customers. However, do not neglect written content, as it is just as important for your website.



Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling allows graphics in the background of your webpage to move slower than those in the foreground as a user scrolls. Parallax scrolling works wonderfully to add visual appeal and depth to your WordPress website Dallas. Just make sure to partner with a professional to ensure it is executed tastefully.


Personalized Team Pages

Today’s users want to see more personality on websites, and personalizing your site’s team page is a great way to accomplish this. Instead of a standard headshot and title, add fun facts and personal details about your team. When done well, this gives a relatable quality to your business, making people more likely to trust your brand.



Unique Website Design Dallas At myheartcreative, our team is skilled in designing and implementing with current trends in mind to keep your WordPress website Dallas looking fresh. Please reach out to start a web design project with us