When you running sage software, you may error and issue. One of them issue you face ‘<a href="https://www.onlinechat247.org/sage-50-error-loading-current-company-file/">Error loading current company file</a>’ on their system display screen. This error when comes up when your "Sage 50 has <a href="https://www.onlinechat247.org/sage-50-not-opening/">stopped working</a>".
Causes:Trying to open automatically invalid companyBuild not the same on all computers in a networkService release installed not proper in all computersOpening workstation before installing update
Method 1:In the beginning, you need to right-tap on Sage 50 symbol after which select houses.At that point, you should highlight the objective line after which press CTRL+C.You are intended to close the houses window.Presently, open the RUN window by methods for critical and securing the Windows+R key.You wish to glue the street that you've replicated inside the Run window.You have in order to include house after which compose ABC all things considered.Next, click on adequate.Presently, Sage will open at the sprinkle show screen.You wish to open the corporate data record at the sprinkle show screen.On the off chance that the mix-up in any case happens while opening the record, at that point you need to test for the updates.To test the updates you need to visit the items and administrations plausibility. With this, acquire it after which set up it in your gadget.On the off chance that the slip-up continues, at that point practice the steps of the accompanying way.
Method 2: Restoring Backup:Create a backup and restoreUse different method to backup
Method 3: Locate the Damage file and Delete all First, Need to choose the file then open company file, and please note your company file locationSecond step is need to close the sage 50 programThird, Press windows + E buttonForth, need to navigate to the directoryFifth, Above all steps completed, find damage/corrupt data files and delete one by one from your systemSecond last, Select these file  ?All .DAT temp files?, ?All .DDF files?, ?All .DAT ptl files?, ?All .LCK files?, ?All .PTL files?, ?All .MKD files?, ?All .RPT files?, ?All .PTR files?, ?All dat file if available?Last, Check your company file open without any error and issue