Several new features have recently been introduced on blogulr. The new features make blogulr more fun, useful and more rewarding.

Check this out:

1. Your public personal/business profile is now more detailed and includes:

i. your name, your username, your occupation and your full bio.

ii. the number of posts, videos, followers/followings you have on blogulr. This will help people see how active/passionate you are about what you do and help them decide if to follow you

iii. the links to your favourite social networks and websites which you can configure from the "Profile Setup Page" of your account.

2. You can now add videos from youtube that are related to your article. If the video is yours and it's monetized on youtube, this means more views and more money

3. You can now easily follow other blogulr users without visiting their articles. (In the nearest future, followership will mean subscription to the updates of those you follow, and only those you follow will have access to your contact information like email, phone number and contact address if they are set to public)

4. You can use your twitter username as your blogulr username. By so doing, you will be mentioned every time someone shares or retweets your posts on twitter. This can easily translate to more twitter followers.

5. Your posts will receive promotions worth hundreds of dollars on our own favourite social networks. This will help increase traffic and engagement on your posts, adverts, public profile and your favourite social networks and websites. (Don't forget to promote your posts on your favourite social networks using the buttons provided).

Blogulr is all about "converting online activities to business opportunities" and we will continue to provide features that make it easy for you to do just that while you "express your passion for your profession".

Start taking advantage of these new features and opportunities.

Continue enjoying Blogulr!