Beginning a new company can be stressful enough without having to worry about unexpected visitors. 

Many small businesses launch from their homes in order to benefit from the cost reductions from forgoing property rentals. 

Some people struggle with how to market their company without revealing their residence.

This case study focuses on a small company that desired to incorporate but required guidance on incorporating at their residence.


Through their webpage and specialty trade brochures, our client provides products and components to a niche market. 

Since the majority of their supplies could be shipped directly from the manufacturer, they didn't immediately need to set up their own business location.

They got in touch with us for help registering their business, and we got to talking about their worries about the registration address of the company

They had understood correctly that each registered company must give Companies House a mailing address, which is then made available to the addition to the public in the register.

Our Solutions

We talked about how their company could use our office address because we were concerned that their home address would've been published on hundreds of websites. 

They had to choose between using a virtual address for their business to maintain some level of privacy or making their address available to all customers.

It was soon clear that the new business would require a comprehensive address service. They made the decision to use our location as their primary address rather than just their registered office.

Why Did This Business Choose Us?

Our address should be included on the company's websites, letterheads, stationery, and other communications. 

All customers and suppliers should write to the same address. Our address was utilized as the registered office as well as principal place of business as soon as the company was established.

We have been handling all of this company's mail for a number of years. 

When letters start arriving at our office, humans add the recipient's home address, affix fresh stamps, and send the mail to the client. 

Their company has expanded alongside ours, and we anticipate continuing to support them for a very long time.

This is only one of the countless businesses that we have assisted over the past few years. 

We provide a variety of businesses with mail forwarding services so they can concentrate on running their operations while maintaining some level of privacy.

How They Benefitted From Us?

A substance other than a formation agent

Guidance on how to run their business that is realistic

Address service AND company formation in one location

Protecting their address

Affordable mail delivery

Excellent support for responding to business inquiries

FREE guidance prior to and following purchase

Final Verdict

Many features on our online formation website make the registration process simple and let you add extra facilities like the registered office. 

For businesses that also require a virtual address provider for their operations, we provide a one-stop shop solution. 

We would be happy to go over how we can help you with registering a company while protecting the privacy of your home address.

To learn how we can assist you in launching a home-based business, please contact us.