Which Is The Essential: Criminal Check Or Employee Record Check                                                      

Many candidates lie about their employment history in order to get the best jobs, higher pay, and higher titles. A background check is considered an important pre-employment screening phase before making a hiring decision to protect the company from numerous potential dangers. It is a thorough examination of an individual's or another entity's business, financial, and, most importantly, criminal history.

According to a poll conducted by the Organization of Human Resource Management, 90% of businesses conduct employment background checks.

Key Message: Every business wants employees to adjust to their new working environment and perform with complete care. The Background screening helps businesses in determining the hiring talent's track record and whether or not that employee will be a good fit.

Why Should You Perform A Background Check?

Before you can understand the differences between employment background checks and criminal background checks, you must first understand why they are necessary. Both background checks have different aims, yet they both provide benefits such as:

1. Ensuring the environment, clients, and coworkers' safety.

2. Maintaining quality and consistency among employees.

3. In the long run, lower overall employment costs.

4. Reducing long-term risks and liabilities.

5. Adherence to the law and reduction of fines and penalties.


Employee Background Check Vs. Criminal Background Check

Employee Record Check: Employers conduct pre-hiring employment background checks to learn more about the candidates. The data ensures that the candidate demonstrates the talents listed on their resumes, reducing the risk of routine damages due to poor performance.

Employment background checks can differ depending on the needs of the firm. It might be linked to employment verification, licensing records, social media screening, or even a criminal history check. As a result, criminal history checks are included in Employment background checks.

An employment background check can be described as a summary of all the candidate's surface-level knowledge. It contains various fields, but just provides the most essential information required for the job. That isn't to say that employers can't broaden their search to include specific fields.

Criminal Background Check: A criminal history check is a property idea, whereas an employee record checking is a broader term. For higher positions, it is critical to learn about the candidate's past, especially their criminal history. A criminal history check is required when recruiting for executive or higher-level positions.

Standard criminal background checks reveal the candidate's true identity, description, convictions, arrests, and sentences. It may also include information about outstanding warrants, depending on the employer. This information is obtained from police and court records, as well as other sources.

Criminal history checks are also prohibited in other states. Employers should consider additional expenditures and laws related to the search depending on the candidate's territory.

When To Conduct Background Checks?

At different phases of the interview, a company may consider conducting criminal background checks. This might start when the applicant fills out the application form completely. During the interview, a criminal history check must be performed.

The following are some of the reasons why background checks are necessary:

1. Background check with the HR Team can be done before, during, or after the interview; there is no need for it to be done exclusively either during the interview.

2. An applicant can submit wrong information over his educational history or work experience to limit the risk of fraud by performing proper screening.

3. When you want to enhance the quality of your hiring rather than the quantity. A professional criminal history check would invariably result in the recruitment of top people far too early.

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Final Thoughts

A background screening is required in order to hire the best staff for a company. While an employment background check is a larger notion, it does include some criminal background checks. On the other hand, criminal background screening concentrates on criminal activity and past behavior. Both records must be checked. 

Please contact us if you require assistance. For your possible hiring needs, we can do seamless background screening with our PEO services.