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CompTIA CAS-004 Exam Syllabus Topics:TopicDetailsTopic 1Given a scenario, use the appropriate vulnerability assessment and penetration testing methods and tools Explain the importance of managing and mitigating vendor riskTopic 2Given a scenario, implement data security techniques for securing enterprise architecture Given a set of requirements, apply the appropriate risk strategiesTopic 3Explain the importance of forensic concepts Explain security considerations impacting specific sectors and operational technologies Given a business requirement, implement the appropriate cryptographic protocols and algorithmsTopic 4Given a scenario, configure and implement endpoint security controls Given a scenario, perform vulnerability management activitiesTopic 5Explain the impact of emerging technologies on enterprise security and privacy Given a scenario, analyze vulnerabilities and recommend risk mitigationsTopic 6Given a scenario, troubleshoot issues with cryptographic implementations Given a scenario, analyze the security requirements and objectives to ensure an appropriateTopic 7Explain compliance frameworks and legal considerations, and their organizational impact Explain how cryptography and public key infrastructure (PKI) support security objectives and requirements
CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) Exam Sample Questions (Q111-Q116):

A security analyst is concerned that a malicious piece of code was downloaded on a Linux system. After some research, the analyst determines that the suspected piece of code is performing a lot of input/output (I/O) on the disk drive.

Based on the output above, from which of the following process IDs can the analyst begin an investigation?

A. 0B. 1C. 2D. 3

Answer: B

An organization's assessment of a third-party, non-critical vendor reveals that the vendor does not have cybersecurity insurance and IT staff turnover is high. The organization uses the vendor to move customer office equipment from one service location to another. The vendor acquires customer data and access to the business via an API.
Given this information, which of the following is a noted risk?

A. Feature delay due to extended software development cyclesB. Financial liability from a vendor data breachC. Technical impact to the API configurationD. The possibility of the vendor's business ceasing operations

Answer: A

A threat analyst notices the following URL while going through the HTTP logs.

Which of the following attack types is the threat analyst seeing?

A. CSRFB. Session hijackingC. XSSD. SQL injection

Answer: C

A company's SOC has received threat intelligence about an active campaign utilizing a specific vulnerability. The company would like to determine whether it is vulnerable to this active campaign.
Which of the following should the company use to make this determination?

A. The Cyber Kill ChainB. Log analysis within the SIEM toolC. Threat huntingD. A system penetration test

Answer: C

A security architect is designing a solution for a new customer who requires significant security capabilities in its environment. The customer has provided the architect with the following set of requirements:
* Capable of early detection of advanced persistent threats.
* Must be transparent to users and cause no performance degradation.
+ Allow integration with production and development networks seamlessly.
+ Enable the security team to hunt and investigate live exploitation techniques.
Which of the following technologies BEST meets the customer's requirements for security capabilities? A.

A. Centralized loggingB. Deception softwareC. Threat IntelligenceD. Sandbox detonation

Answer: B

Deception software is a technology that creates realistic but fake assets (such as servers, applications, data, etc.) that mimic the real environment and lure attackers into interacting with them. By doing so, deception software can help detect advanced persistent threats (APTs) that may otherwise evade traditional security tools
12. Deception software can also provide valuable insights into the attacker's tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) by capturing their actions and behaviors on the decoys Deception software can meet the customer's requirements for security capabilities because:
It is capable of early detection of APTs by creating attractive targets for them and alerting security teams when they are engaged12.
It is transparent to users and causes no performance degradation because it does not interfere with legitimate traffic or resources13.
It allows integration with production and development networks seamlessly because it can create decoys that match the network topology and configuration It enables the security team to hunt and investigate live exploitation techniques because it can record and analyze the attacker's activities on the decoys13.


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