Brazilian butt lift has become one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures because it offers the added benefit of using a patient's own tissue. Therefore, most patients favor this surgical method to enhance the dimension of the buttocks. Patients have ensured a more aesthetic body proportion. The fat transfer to buttocks procedure involves harvesting your own body fat from other areas and transferring it to the buttock area. Fat transfer to the buttocks is extracted from a different region of the body using a liposuction process, often the abdominal area, the upper thigh area, the arms, or the back.


Excellent Outcome and Fat Transfer To Buttocks Recovery :


If you wish to see quicker results in your efforts to have a sexier butt, then you should try the cosmetic surgery method. Apparently, you may have some apprehensions about these types of methods because of the mere fact that it is intrusive. You would have to go under the knife if you wish to have a sexy behind with this. The advantage though is that the result is immediate. If you are afraid about the scars of the surgery being too obvious, then you are anxious over nothing. The truth is that the operation would virtually leave you no bbl scars visible to the naked eye.


After the Brazilian butt lift, the doctor will advise you to wear a compression garment to compress the areas from where fat was extracted, and also to give gentle support to your newly enhanced buttocks. Recovery is honestly fast, with most patients continuing regular actions within a few days. A buttock lift can be administered separately or in alliance with other procedures such as a thigh lift and tummy tuck.


Who is the Right Candidate?


Brazilian butt lifts are not just for people with flat buttocks, but also for those with asymmetrical or sagging buttocks. They could also be used to adjust the shape of the butt after a huge weight loss.


Before And After Brazilian Surgery:


When thinking of getting a Brazilian butt lift surgery, you should first and foremost be certain that you are going through the procedure for yourself and not just to please other people. You need to develop realistic expectations to avoid any disappointments. It's also important to talk to your surgeon about possible complications and post-operative care.


Four weeks prior to the surgery, you will likely be asked to stop smoking. Smoking is not advisable after surgery, either, as it causes vasoconstriction. This will decrease the delivery of oxygen to the transplanted fat, which then makes recovery slow and difficult.


The stitches typically dissolve over time and require no removal. Expect to see some bruising and inflammation, which will last for around a week and is normal. You should also refrain from a high sugar diet since it increases swelling.


There are special cushions you could purchase that enable you to sit without much pressure on your buttocks. You should also wear a pressure garment that keeps the new shape intact and reduces the swelling. For the first three weeks, you are not allowed to sit for long periods of time, drive, squat, and stretch. To further preserve the shape and the transplanted fat, sleeping on your buttocks is not allowed for the first few weeks. The scars should not be exposed to direct sunlight for a year, but if this is unavoidable, be sure to use sunblock and keep the exposure to a minimum.


Moreover, fat transfer from stomach to buttocks cost may be up to $4,571 whereas fat transfer to buttocks cost may be around $4,860.



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