Do you know what is Brazilian Buttock Lift is? Brazilian Buttock Lift is a new buttock augmentation method that can help you achieve the desired shape of the buttock you want.


So how can Brazilian Buttock Lift help you in terms of getting a big, firm, and sexy buttock?


Let me explain how to get rid of fat butt in detail.


BBL surgery (Brazilian Buttock Lift): What Is The Process?


In this method, a fat cell is extracted from selected areas of your body. The fat extracted will then undergo a purification process before it is re-injected back into your buttock. This involves numerous injections and sometimes as many as a hundred times.


The end result of this method is a natural and sexy-looking buttock. In fact, you can actually determine the structure of your buttock as long as you have enough fat transfer to buttocks to be injected into your butt area.


What are the risks associated with it?


Just like any other surgery (doesn't matter if they are big or small), there is still risk involved in this method. The risk involved is however lower as compared to buttock implant as this procedure is less invasive. The recovery time is also faster as less scarring is involved. Unless a person is too small and does not have enough body fat, the Brazilian Buttock Lift procedure is normally preferred by most doctors as compared to buttock implants.


One thing that should keep in mind is that since this procedure involves surgery, your buttock may get inflamed after the operation and may take up to one month to fully recover. Discuss with your doctor to acknowledge the specific recovery time.


BBL surgery before and after: What Are The End Results?


After the surgery and during your recovery period, avoid sitting on your buttock as your buttock needs time to recover. You will be given special equipment to sit on and don't do any exercise during this period.


The end result of the buttock fat transfer procedure may only be seen in 1 to 2 months after the entire procedure is completed. This is because the fat injected needs time to settle in and shape the buttock. If you see any abnormal bleeding and swelling around your buttock area, you are advised to go back to your doctor for further examination to determine if any infection has taken place.


How To Prepare For The Procedure?


Before deciding to go for this procedure, do some research on the works of the doctor that will be performing this surgery. You need to get a good and experienced doctor. Remember, the doctor plays a major role in shaping your buttock. A great doctor will help you to have a great-looking and sexy buttock; also remember to check out the cost and compare it with other doctors. In the meantime, you may want to consider doing other procedures, for example, body contouring at the same time. If your finances allow, I will advise you to go for it since you will be going for surgery anyway.


After you have made up your mind to go for a Brazilian Buttock Lift, make sure that you are free for up to one month for the entire process to complete. Most patients will be able to get back to their normal activities in the third week. My last piece of advice is to bring along photos of the type of buttock you want when you meet up with the doctor. This will make things easier for discussion with your doctor.


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