It is a common notion that mild leakage of water in pipes is not risky. But, the reality is that it could become damaging for the buildings when occurred frequently. A waterflow switch is a reliable device that can help in detecting leakage and can regulate the supply of water. It is a mechanical device that can trip the pump on and off for controlling the leakage of water. It monitors and regulates the flow rate of water to protect the pump from damage. Moreover, it can work to adjust the flow rate of liquids to prevent them from getting too high and low.

Use of liquid flow switches

The use and application of liquid monitoring flow switches are considerable. These devices have several uses in HVAC systems, swimming pool chlorination, custody transfers, fire sprinklers, etc. The use of these devices is mostly preferred in fire sprinklers as they can detect and control the flow of water. In case of fire, the system triggers a fire alarm to activate the system for showering the water. The use of these devices is also considerable in water treatment systems. These devices trigger the alarm and trip the switch when the water supply gets off.

Installation and testing of waterflow switch

There are different types of flow switches known in the market. They all have different working principles that begin with the installation techniques. However, there are some broad rules that you must not forget to follow.

Installation of a flow switch must be straight on a pipeIt is vital to ensure that there is enough straight pipe length in front and behind the switchIt is better to avoid installing waterflow switch close to the bends, wider pipes, valves, etc. Obstruction in the flow switch might cause variation in results.Resetting the flow switch

In the context of resetting a flow switch, you must first ensure to unplug it from the power source. This would enable the switch to stop the designated working. Therefore, you must keep it unplugged from the power for up to 30 seconds. This would reset the control of the switch and makes it ready to work again. However, you must reset the switch in case it is not working well. Resetting it could be a profound way to troubleshoot the problem. If the problem with its working is persisting after resetting, call a professional.

To sum up

waterflow switch is a cost-effective device that renders a wide array of services. It can work to maintain the required flow rate of liquids. The use of a switch is vital to prevent the excess flow of water and to turn the pump off with a trip signal. In case of obstructive working, you can reset the switch to make it work again. In the event of improper working, you must consult with experts to repair the switch effectively.