In many industries, measuring the flow rate of liquids is a critical aspect. It is mainly used to determine that the right amount of fluids is used in industrial procedures. Fluids measurement is critical to ensure the quality of products manufactured in an industrial unit. It is also used in various other products such as wastewater plants and HVAC systems. The ideal measurement of liquids and gases can be generated through different methods. This post will get you to know the best techniques and tools used in this realm.

Mechanical Flow Measurement

There are several mechanical flow meters available to measure the flow rate of liquids. However, there are many types of these devices. But, the most commonly used type is the turbine flow meter. It is a reliable source of computing flow rate with good accuracy. The use of this device is also simple and affordable. This device is equipped with turbines that rotate by using the energy of flowing fluids. The faster the fluid moves through the meter, the rotor will move with more speed. The velocity of the rotors is directly relative to the velocity of the fluid. Thus, it can tell the exact measurement.

Differential pressure

Fluids measurement is also possible by using the differential pressure meters. These are also reliable sources of measuring the flow rate of liquids. These meters are embedded with several features such as an orifice plate, venturi tube, Pitot tube, etc. They mainly create restrictions along the way of liquids that contain thick substances. They work to measure the flow rate for liquids that have low-speed and high viscosity. The obstacles cause a change in the pressure of the fluids flowing inside the pipes. The change in pressure is used to determine the flow rates.

Electromagnetic flow measurement

There are electromagnetic or, you can simply say as mag meters which are used for flow rate measurement. These devices work as per Faraday's law of induction. They contain a magnetic field inside the meter's body with the sensor. As the liquid passes through the magnetic field, it generates voltage. The rate of voltage generated is equal to the flow rate of liquids.

Vortex Meters

These devices contain an obstruction panel for the liquids inside the body to cause flow obstruction. These meters have a bluff body that causes obstruction inflow to generate vortices. The frequency of vortices generated is proportional to the velocity of the flow that describes the rate. It is the commonly used device that delivers accurate flow measurement.

The Bottom Line

These are the best techniques of fluids measurement that are used in industries. The fields like chemical, petrochemicals, oil and gas, petroleum, food, and pharmaceuticals are blessed with these modern flow measuring techniques. You can check the quality and features before getting a suitable device for your needs. It is advised to consult with professional suppliers.