Summary: - If you are an administrator looking for a way to migrate the PST files into Office 365, this blog is for you. We will explain different methods to import PST to Office 365 account. Read out the complete article to get a better understanding of the migration details and methods.


As data is crucial for all, so everyone is looking to get their hold on their data. In layman’s terms having access to data 24X7 becomes the requirement to stay ahead of the competitors. The same goes for the email client market; the user can use many platforms to manage their email communication.


But what do they do if they won’t be able to access data at times when they need it?


Office 365 is one medium through which the user can manage their work at any time. It does not require setting up an on-premises server that will not hurt the company’s financials. So we will take you with a reliable solution to import PST to Office 365, which will help you to achieve the migration quickly.


How to Migrate Outlook PST files into Office 365 account?


Using Office 365 purview compliance portal, the admin can look to transfer multiple PST files into Exchange Online mailboxes. Moreover, two different approaches are available that make it possible to import PST to Office 365, i.e., through Network Upload and Drive Shipping Method. We will give a glimpse of how these approaches work while transferring the complete data of the PST file into O365.


·         Network Upload 


User can move their PST files over the network on some azure location over the cloud. After that, upload all PST file data into the Office 365 mailbox using the Microsoft Import service.


Drive Shipping Method


This method is all about shipping the PST file data on any hard drive to the location of Microsoft through any logistic partner. However, this process incurs a huge shipping charge per GB of data and consumes considerable time.


The above methods will transfer user data from the PST file to the Office 365 account. But these methods come with limitations which we have discussed below:


Both these methods are time-consuming and require a high level of technical expertise. A single mistake in the network upload can completely remove all data. The cost per GB of moving data costs roughly $ 2 using the drive shipping method, so it becomes an expensive deal. If any interruption comes during the import process, these methods are not capable of resuming the process.


Having all such significant limitations creates the need for third-party software. One such tool to overcome all limitations will be shared with you. So kindly keep reading this article to learn about it.


Professional Method: Import PST to Office 365


You can look for a third-party migration solution if you find difficulties while handling the migration. Shoviv PST to Office 365 migration tool is one solution that will import PST to Office 365 without changing the Meta properties of the data. This software included a robust algorithm, which is the critical difference factor compared to its peers.


Looking at its core functionalities, the software performs multiple PST migrations without affecting the data processing speed. Once the user adds the PST files, the user can take a preview of all the PST file items.


If the user PST file struggles with the corruption error, they can add it to the software. It will repair them and allows converting them into multiple file formats. The software offers numerous other features that look through its demo version.


Wrapping Up


Most companies offer some inbuilt tool that a large percentage of the user is unaware of. If we talk about the task to import PST to Office 365, but the user looks here & here to search out a perfect way. The native solution we have explained in this write-up is a bit complicated and has many limitations. Instead, using the professional third-party migration software will work effectively.


Users can take their time and decide which way to go to make a successful migration.