The distributors have a wide range of connection with clients and managing bulk clients is not an easy task. In such scenarios one definitely needs a technical assistance having the potential to handle all networks simultaneously without ignoring the interest of any single party.

In order to overcome this challenge Mutual Fund Software is introduced who can play relevant subsidiary role in performing back office operations and that too with maximum efficiency. The REDVision Technologies is the top provider of such platform which helps in dealing with clients and facilitates to perform through digital platform without any interruption.


·         Improves revenue for the business of advisor.

·         Effective management of different assets held by investors.

·         Manages large network of distributors with efficiency.

·         Instant evaluation of portfolio stimulates investor’s profile.

·         Multiple features solve various issues of advisors.

The value of the software is crucial in the firm of distributors as it coordinates with all sections of a business to generate favorable results in the interest of the owner. Thus the software is required from all perception and works in the interest of distributors and distributors for growing business and improving customer satisfaction till the long term. Also, maximum interruptions has been reduced which is strengthening the relations between the parties.

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