Setting up the flower delivery Sydney CBD shop takes time, especially if you will do personally the final purchases of items, tools and other instruments needed. I’m going to share with you the things vital for a flower delivery business. Make sure before you do any shopping that you checked your list to prevent missing any important stuff.

Major items needed for a flower delivery shop

· Cut flower containers of all sizes

· Floral foams

· Flower and plant preservatives

· Floral wires

· Waterproof tape

· Message cards

· Tags (for delivery, care instruction and contact details)

· All sorts of wrapping materials

· Baskets

· vases

Other things vital for a flower delivery Sydney CBD shop:

· Decorative ribbons in various colors, sizes and textures

· Envelopes

· Cardettes

· Glue stick

· Glue gun

· Paint for customizing vases and floral baskets

Tools and equipment

Certain tools and equipment are required in order for the flower delivery Sydney CBD shop to function well during initial business launch. Here are the must have tools and equipment.

· Delivery vehicle (personal car, bicycle or motorbike)

· Collection of knives

· Heavy duty scissors

· Bunch cutter

· Stapler

· All sizes of study boxes

· Floor mats

· Chillers

· Computer

· Printer

· Office supplies (ink, pen, receipts, envelopes, paper, rubber stamp and personalized stickers)

· Filing cabinet

The above items are just the basic essentials needed to set-up a flower delivery business. Of course, you will need the help of others for you to perform effectively like hiring qualified employees to do various tasks like taking orders, floral arrangements, flower care as well as delivery of arranged floral products.

Among other concerns that you need to prioritize are the following:

· Permit and other local licenses needed prior the business operation

· Office space in case you will need a bigger space

· Contacts of potential wholesalers of fresh flowers and ornamental plants

· List of potential customers

· Target location

· Insurance company

· Motor insurance

There you have it a complete list of things needed for your flower delivery business. Of course, the main item that should never be missed is money. You need capital to get started. Assess your personal savings if you can manage to set this type of business on your own. If your financial analysis says your personal funds aren’t enough, find other ways to complete the required capital.

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