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What Is Chocolate Kratom Powder?

Chocolate is a kratom strain with a very similar smell and appearance to Bentuangie. It is a red strain that undergoes the same type of fermenting as Bentuangie, which is why the two mitragyna speciosa strains share many properties. A key characteristic of Chocolate kratom, however, is the namesake darker “chocolatey” color. The deeper color is due to a slightly longer fermentation process than Bentuangie, giving this strain a unique alkaloid profile and eye-catching color. Red chocolate kratom powder is fermented Red Vein Kratom and this is exclusive from Simple Botanical. Kratom enthusiasts love this strain not because it tastes and smells like chocolate, they like it because of its deep reddish-brown tone.

Where Does Chocolate Kratom Originate?

Chocolate kratom is grown in several areas throughout Eastern Asia. The longer fermentation time for Chocolate kratom makes it a very difficult kratom variety to find.

How Is Chocolate Kratom Made?

Red chocolate kratom powder is made by the fermentation process of red vein kratom. Matured leaves are chosen from the trees to create chocolate kratom and it is rich in alkaloids. After the fermentation process leaves changed to a rich chocolate hue.

It also affects the potency levels, and this allows the strain to be unique and heavy. You can buy this chocolate kratom online at Simple Botanical.

Why Buy Chocolate Kratom From Simple Botanical?

100% Mitragyna Speciosa. No additives or fillers.

We only sell high quality, premium kratom.

All of our kratom is organically grown free of pesticides.

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All of our kratom is batch lab tested on a regular basis to verify that it is pure unadulterated Mitragyna Speciosa & for mitragynine/alkaloid content. We source our kratom from sustainable farms throughout Southeast Asia. Every strain is ethically grown & harvested. We make no claims regarding our kratom. No directions for use, please see our disclaimer below for more info.

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