COVID has turned our world upside down.  Rules, recommendations and statistics are sometimes modified  daily and leave us feeling very uncertain about our new, evolving  “normal.”   

We’ve seen huge, unprecedented change in the way our children are being educated.  Never in their lifetimes, or in ours, have we experienced a situation where schools were shut down by the government, as a matter of public health safety, or for any reason, really.  

All school age children are being adversely affected, but children with disabilities have additional hurdles that need attention.

Times are tough.  It’s hard on educators and it’s hard on students and their families. All of the laws protecting students with disabilities still apply and must be adhered to.  

Schools have to do their best to collaborate with families, think outside of the box, consider each child’s individual needs, and do their best to meet those needs in this current environment. 

And when best efforts don’t work, they need to circle back and fill in the gaps when it’s safe to resume in person learning.

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