The mesmerizing beauty of Japan attracts tourists from across the globe. The urbanized country is also recognized for its unique skiing encounters that are completely different from a European country. If you are planning to have a great time in the soft and fluffy snow areas, you probably wondering which are the best places to stay in Japan.


Japan offers plenty of accommodation choices suitable for different style preferences and various budget sizes. If you are not sure, what to pick- a hotel or an apartment, then keep on reading. Both have their own perks and both are greater options, but this guide will help you narrow down the list based on your needs.


What to expect from a Nozawa onsen hotel in Japan?

Hotels are basically temporary accommodation facilities provided along with basic amenities. Rooms are typically tatami rooms which include Japanese style flooring, bed and doors. Apart from tatami rooms, there are certain hotels designed with western influence to welcome visitors from across the globe.


Pros and cons of hotels in japan

The best part of booking a hotel room is its cost-effectiveness. You can find a decent room size at a prominent location at a nominal price. Further, breakfast and parking facilities are some added perks of living in a hotel room. Hotels can also provide multiple sizes of rooms suitable for families and large groups. However, if you are staying at a cheap hotel, you might have to share the bathroom, dining or lounge area with other guests.


What facilities are provided in houses for rent in Japan?

Those who want to enjoy a luxurious vacation in Japan might want to stay at a place like Nozawa grand hotelRather than paying a hefty price for a hotel room, you might want to book the entire apartment for your family. Along with the ideal location and stunning snowy views, houses available for vacationers are fully equipped with spacious living areas and shower rooms.


Pros and cons of apartments in japan

Self-contained apartments are a preferred choice for those who seek luxury on holidays. Along with a fully equipped kitchen, you would get the benefit of all modern amenities like wireless broadband, private parking and private lounge access. The mesmerizing views that you get from the window of your apartment are a big reason people like to splurge a little during vacation. However, there is no downside to living in a vacation home, except the hefty price you have to pay per night.

If your budget allows, you should definitely try out the luxury living and skiing encounters in Japan.


Which one is the best choice?


For a uniquely Japanese feeling or a luxurious vacation, renting an apartment is the ideal choice. However, if your budget doesn’t allow splurging on spacious living spaces and private lounges you can pick a prominently located hotel room.


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