Tubular Gel battery is a battery technology based on traditional lead-acid battery, which has been improved through technology research and development and countless practices. T Gel Battery uses nano silica as electrolyte to replace the sulfuric acid electrolyte of traditional lead-acid battery to form colloidal medium and then solidify. It not only ensures excellent conductivity, but also completely eliminates the leakage and volatilization of electrolyte, so as to prolong the service life of the battery and reduce the maintenance cost. The Battery is designed and manufactured  with die-casting positive grid and patent formula of active material. T Gel  series exceeds DIN standard values with 07-10 years floating design life at 27? and is even more suitable for cyclic use under extreme operating conditions.

The solar tubular gel battery is a new type of rechargeable battery that uses a gel electrolyte instead of water. It has many advantages over traditional batteries, including higher energy density, lower self discharge rate, and no need for maintenance.

Nano silica solid-state electrolyte;

Tubular positive plate of high-pressure die-casting, more corrosion-resistant;

The  technology of one-time gel filling makes the product consistency better;

Wide application range of ambient temperature, stable high and low temperature performance;

Excellent performance of deep discharge cycle, and an ultra long design life.