If you are looking for rose gold engagement rings you’ve come to the right place. Vintage Times have huge collection of Rose gold ring, pinkish-red tone looks gorgeous and unique in engagement rings and wedding bands. Rose gold is a nice fresh breath of change when one normally wears gold or white gold. It is also complement to many skin tones.

There are different styles of rings available on the market. We offer you an idea of what looks better with pink gold. Here you can find deals for any budget. Anything from very affordable non diamond rings to those with different types of diamonds, including colored diamonds.

So go ahead and look around – engagement ring is a very important choice. And is a great one when you are getting it in rose gold!

Rose gold is often used in wedding, engagement rings and bridal sets. It is also called a red gold, peach gold and pink gold. It is also very rare and unique. Rose gold engagement rings are eye catching and striking, they perfectly complement diamonds, especially pink and red colour diamonds. However traditional diamond ring with ruby side stones look perfect with rose gold too. It is also used to contrast with other metals to create beautiful two toned rings.

Red gold is a somewhat stiffer alloy than yellow gold, green gold or palladium white gold. It is made by combining copper with gold in order to get a rosy color effect.

Pure gold (99) is always a 24k and is always yellow, while pure copper (Cu – cuprum) is a brick red color. The truth about pure gold is that is too soft and must be mixed with some type of other metal in order to strengthen it for use in jewelry. Rose’ is usually 14k gold.

Copper is added to make traditional yellow gold jewelry, but in case of rose gold, the proportion of copper is much higher, it’s a fine blend of three parts or 75% gold and one part or 25% copper.  The color of the rose gold does not wear away.

Rose gold is known for its feminine color. Such jewelry flatter any skin tone, making vintage engagement rings the highest in demand of rings on the market right now for both men and women. It is also being increasingly used to highlight the individual beauty of diamonds and precious gemstones.

Finding pink gold rings

Rose gold is usually less expensive than white or yellow gold because copper is less expensive than other alloys. However, it is considered rare which often drives the price back up. When choosing your ring you might want either to make a custom order or chose one on the Internet. When buying ring online you should still demand the certification proof as if you would from any retail jewelry store. The beauty of buying rings online is that the ring can be almost always altered to fit your finger size. Even if you buy a ring in store you will likely to have to change it to have a perfect fit.