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Salesforce OmniStudio-Developer Exam Syllabus Topics:TopicDetailsTopic 1Given a use case, compare and contrast various elements and their configuration Apply concepts required to build the JSON data structure that supports FlexCards frameworkTopic 2Demonstrate an understanding of the mechanics of a Calculation Procedure Demonstrate an understanding of the JSON data structure that supports OmniScriptTopic 3Given a customer issue, determine the breakdown location in the data flow Identify which DataRaptor to use to meet a requirementTopic 4Demonstrate an understanding of the mechanics of a Calculation Matrix Given a set of requirements, determine appropriate card style, data sources, fields
Salesforce Certified OmniStudio Developer Sample Questions (Q67-Q72):

Which two of these options can a developer use to retrieve data from a Salesforce object?
Choose 2 answers

A. A DataRapt or Post ActionB. A DataRaptor Extract ActionC. A Lookup Input ElementD. A DataRaptor Load Action

Answer: A,B

Of the questions listed below, which two are ones you need to answer when you create a DataRaptor Extract?

A. Which card will be using this DataRaptor? D Which OmniScript template will | be using?B. Which sObject or sObjects contain the data | need?C. What should | name the JSON node where the data will be sent?

Answer: A,B

A developer is creating an OmniScript that Provisions trial orgs to their customers. The following text block in the OmniScript uses a merge code to display the ID for the new trial org:
Welcome to Salesforce
Your ID is %Details: Customer10:ID%
During testing, the developer notices that the ID does not display. The data JSON is structured as shown below.
How should the developer correct the merge code in order for the ID to display?

A. To $Details:Customer|0:ID$B. To %%Details:Customer|1:ID%C. To %%Details:Customer|0:ID%%D. To %%Details:Customer|n:ID%

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit below. In this Integration Procedure structure, what Send JSON Path would you use to send the output of the ActionZ element to a Response Action?

A. BlockX.BlockYActionZB. BlockX:BlockY:ActionAZC. ActionZ:BlockY:BlockX D. ActionZ:BlockY:BlockX

Answer: B

An integration procedure contains a Remote Action element that calls a method of an APEX class. The method requires two fields are input: Accountid and ProductId.The integration Procedure data JSON contains the following nodes:
How should the Remote Action element be configured to pass the data correctly to the method?

A. Check the Send Only Additional Input checkbox, and the following/ value pairs to Additionalinput:
B. Set Return Only Additional Output to true, and add the following Key/Value pairs to additional input.
C. Add the following to Send JSON Path: accountId: %Accountd% ProductId% Details Products%D. Check the DataRaptor Transform checkbox, and add the following Key/Value pairs to Output JSON Path:

Answer: B


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