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BCS Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Practice 2018 Exam Sample Questions (Q40-Q45):

ParcelGo is a distribution company. Parcels arrive at its warehouse, where the inbound team use handheld barecode scanners to acknowledge their receipt. Parcels are then loaded onto pallets for onward distribution.
A project as been commissioned to replace the labour-intensive process and introduce a fully-automated system ha reads he barecodes pf parcels as they pass along a coveryor belt, automatically delivering to the correct area of the warehouse for onward distribution.
Staff from the inbound have informed their manager that about 30% of parcels either do not have barcodes, or the barcodes are obscured. The team currently resolves this issue manually. But the concerned that the new automated system will be able to do this. The staff members are also worried the system will make their roles redundant.
Using a holist approach, which element of the POPIT model need further investigation in order to address the team's concerns?

A. People and processB. Process and technologyC. People and organisationD. Information and technology

Answer: A

The POPIT model is focused on the integration of Process, Organisation, People, Information, and Technology. In this case, it is important to investigate the People and Process elements in order to address the team's concerns.
For Process, it is important to ensure that the new automated system is able to handle the 30% of parcels that either do not have barcodes or have obscured barcodes. This will require the development of a process to ensure that these parcels are accounted for and handled appropriately.
For People, it is important to ensure that the staff members are not made redundant and that their roles remain necessary. This may involve ensuring that the staff are given adequate training to be able to understand and use the new automated system, and that there are still tasks which require a human touch that the new system cannot perform. It is also important to ensure that the team members are given the necessary support and resources to transition to the new system and maintain their roles.

EcoBags is a company that designs and makes eco-friendly shopping bags foe various clients An Internal analysis of the business has revealed the following information about the company.
a) Recent investment in new machinery will enable the company to continue its innovation programme b) Feedback from customers and an Increase in sales suggests that Leo Bugs is recognised as a quality brand c) The number of staff currently employed in the company is sufficient to meet expected future growth d) The ability of EcoBags to respond quickly to new market demands has earned it an innovation award.
e) The company has significant retained profits, which will help fund the innovation programme.
Which of these would be considered as 'tangible' resources in a resource audit?

A. b, c, and e.B. a, b and d.C. a, c and e.D. c, d, and e

Answer: C

A business analyst working for a manufacturing company has been asked to support a new initiative to review and redesign the company's Process, enabling it is increase its production and expand into overseas markets. He is working in a team of business analytics and has been asked to do the following:
a) Assist in the evaluation of the benefits defined in the benefits plan b) Lead requirements elicitation and clarification activities c) Deliver coaching, training and ongoing support for any changes to existing processes.
Once the business analyst has completed these activities, which parts of the Business Change lifecycle will he have supported-?

A. Realisation. Design and ImplementationB. Design and RealisationC. Implementation. Definition and AlignmentD. Design. Alignment and Implementation

Answer: D

The business analyst has supported the Design, Alignment and Implementation parts of the Business Change lifecycle. In the Design phase, they would be helping to define the benefits plan and the requirements for the change. In the Alignment phase, they would be leading the elicitation and clarification activities, as well as providing coaching and training to support the changes. Finally, in the Implementation phase, they would be providing ongoing support for the changes.

The following planning activity has been identified in a consensus BAM for a company that makes clothes:
'P4 - Define marketing strategy'
Which of the following is an enabling activity linked to this planning activity?

A. Define sales targetsB. Sell clothesC. Monitor sales.D. Advertise clothes

Answer: A

An enabling activity is an activity that needs to be completed before the planning activity can be executed. In this case, the planning activity is to define a marketing strategy and the enabling activity would be to define the sales targets which will help inform the marketing strategy. Therefore, the correct answer is B, Define sales targets.

Alana has identified the several issues in a process redesign project she is working on, including the following:
1) The suggested changes will require a re-definition of the organisation's Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
2) The suggested changes to the business structure will affect our relationships with suppliers.
3) The proposed sharing of data with our suppliers will raise legal accessibility issues Which elements of POPIT consider these issues?

A. People and Processes.B. Information A Technology. OrganisationC. People and Organisation.D. Processes and Information & Technology.

Answer: A

The POPIT framework (People, Organisation, Processes, Information and Technology) is a model used to analyse and evaluate a business process. It takes into account the various elements that make up a business process and how they interact with each other. In this case, Alana has identified several issues in the process redesign project, which all fall under the People and Processes elements of the POPIT framework.
The People element looks at the roles and responsibilities of the people involved in the process, and how the proposed changes will affect their roles and tasks. The Processes element looks at the proposed changes to the business structure and how it will affect the relationships with suppliers and how data will be shared. The Organisation element looks at how the proposed changes will affect the organisation's key performance indicators, and how the legal accessibility issues will be addressed.


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