In life, everyone has goals, and to accomplish them we need a robust framework. Likewise, in investing, creating an effective financial plan according to investors’ investment goals is essential. While framing the investment structure, distributors have to consider various factors in mind such as clients’ risk appetite, their investment behaviour, income, expenses, goals, etc. The need of paying attention to several factors complicates the financial planning process as it requires an ample amount of data and tools.

An adequate investment plan qualifies investors to achieve the desired goal. With the help of advanced technology, the process of collecting necessary information and selecting the right mix of products becomes simple. A highly developed Mutual fund software is a perfect solution that assists fund brokers in portfolio-building tasks along with all other organizational functions.

When we talk about the best wealth management software, Wealth Elite is the first choice of India’s successful and growing mutual fund distributors because of the unmatchable advanced features. The pack of research tools, and convenient working and connecting to clients from anywhere provide an additional reason to MFDs to give the platform the main place in their business. The Goal GPS and financial planning tabs have step-by-step processes for setting goals and constructing investment plans for clients.


Strong targeting feature for quick goal making, fund mapping and goal tracking.Well-structured process of financial planning for an individual and for a family.optimized asset allocation according to investor’s risk profileAnalyse and manage multiple asset classesAvailability of portfolio reports for appropriate decision-making.Set asset ratio to equity and debt according to the client’s risk profilePlace forthcoming transaction in advance

Scenario in the absence of the platform

Difficulty in analysing the large volume of dataLengthy and complicated financial planning processPoor decision-making due to lack of research tools and reportsWeak investment planning delays target achievementInconsistency in portfolio management and client handlingHigh chances of losing money in a volatile marketTough to consider all essential factors for optimum asset allocation

Customer satisfaction is an important aspect of any business’ growth, to fulfil their requirements the distributor should be capable enough to address customers all issues and get the necessary data that is useful for knowing the aspirations, fears and financial targets of investors. The robust professional portfolio management portal aids to cater distribution services to multiple clients and fulfilling their expectations through simplified business running and client handling processes.

The easy and effective investment planning process offered by the Mutual Fund Software for Distributors provides a competitive edge to grow as a reputed and well-known entity in the market. The functional goal achievement plans persuade investors to stay invested for the long term till they reach to pre-decided goal ergo MFDs do not have to take tension about a volatile market and mutual fund schemes’ performance. The capital gain in clients’ investments with time adds higher commission and becomes a fixed source of distributors’ earnings without taking further attention.