One of the most common questions that I usually get from bloggers or people who already have some experience in this form of online communication, is how to increase participation on Facebook.

It is a very interesting question that has several possible answers, all complementary. So I invite you to a little trip to try to encourage these fans that you are collecting on Facebook without knowing very well what to do with them.

I have told you that if you do not get the participation of your fans, it is more than likely that you will never transform them into readers of your blog.

Why does this matter?

First, you must try to obtain profitability from the time you spend on Facebook, bringing part of your fans to your blog. It's like having a commercial that you don't control. There are no sales, but if you do NOT ask him to report on the established contacts, you will end up wondering if this work is really useful.

There is no concept of sales if there is no prior connection with people. Call it brand, personal brand, social proof, or whatever you want. Without prior relationships, there are no sales. Hence the tremendous importance of participation in your community.

Do you understand who you want to relate to?

As always before getting into tactics, I want to insist once again that if you enter Facebook without a clear business strategy, it is most likely that you will waste many hours of your time and achieve very few results.

There are key questions you will have to answer:

What are your business goals?

Who is your audience? What are your needs? Where do they live, how old are they?

What do you want with Facebook? What flavor do you want to leave in the mouth of your fans?

How are you going to measure the success or failure of your actions?

Before you act, think. Having clear ideas in these confusing moments is a tremendous added value.

The Three E's Strategy

My recommendation is that you use Facebook to establish human contact with people, show your face, educate them while still entertaining them


People are on Facebook first to connect with their people and to have fun. Do not forget. Don't share like a pedantic teacher, it would be counterproductive.

Tell anecdotes, personal experiences, share your experiences through photos or videos.

Use fancy custom fonts, we all love fancy custom fonts as we are bored with normal fonts so try to use a fancy font generator it gives you awesome fonts that will definitely entertain the users. 

Explain what you are doing right now and ask for advice.

Make contests, raffles, promotions that involve the participation of people