A young girl who's boy friend got her pregnant and ran away, the parents rejected her, she didn't have any place to go, so she decide to go to a church and be staying there. Every morning she will sweep all the church premises, and dress all the chairs, with her condition, after which she will carry ice cream to hawk in the streets. One day, favor located her during the service in church, after the pastor told the congregation what she is passing through and how she has been dedicated in keeping the church clean. A man gave her a cheque of 500,000, still on the same service another man gave her another cheque of 500,000, still on the same service a lady gave her a cheque of 150,000 to start up a new life all together 1,150,000.00 That was how her story changed for good. Now to every hand that wil type Amen now GOD will turn whatsoever condition you are in now to a miracle for you, if u believe type amen.