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As many of you know, the beads available at craft stores are usually expensive. There are also lots of restrictions placed by wholesalers. Many of these restrictions include a minimum order size. If you are starting to make your beads, it is better to stick with online stores as they provide many beads and are cheaper.

One of the most attractive sites offering beautiful beads at discounted prices is Beads 4u. It has an impressive bead gallery with thousands of beads and wire varieties. You can easily search for beads you like by color, size, shape, or material. Moreover, you can purchase the beads in bulk for reasonable prices from Beads 4U.

There are several advantages to buying beads online. First of all, you don't have to go out of your house to purchase beads; you can buy them with few clicks of your mouse. Apart from that, many beads varieties are available on the internet. You can compare different beads and their prices and choose the best one out of this vast selection. Finally, you can get many affordable deals from beads, online merchants.

The beads you choose should suit your needs. For example, beads used for making jewelry should not break too easily. On the other hand, beads used for embellishing bags and purses should be thick. At Beads 4u, some beads are suitable for all purposes. Apart from that, there are also beads with a vintage look, such as Edwardian ones, Art Deco beads, Art Nouveau beads, and Retro beads. Therefore, if you are looking for beads that match your personality well, you can consider shopping at Beads 4u.

If you want to make some unusual and unique jewelry pieces, you can consider buying some beads online. 

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They also have a vast collection of bead varieties, which they display on their website. Apart from that, they also have excellent customer service. Hence, you can contact them if you have any questions or problems.

It is not just beads that you can buy from Beads 4u. You can also purchase items like beads, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. These items can help you create a unique style for your jewelry. Moreover, you can also order them in bulk, which will save you money.