What are Corrugated Metal Hoses?

Corrugated metal hoses are flexible, long-lasting, and high-performance hoses that are utilised in a number of sectors such as aerospace, chemical, oil and gas, and others. They are constructed from thin metal sheets that have been corrugated to create the ridges and grooves that give the hose its strength and flexibility.

These hoses are frequently employed in a range of applications, including the transportation of chemicals, steam, hydraulic fluids, or liquids, gases, or granular solids. Moreover, they serve as thermal expansion compensators, vibration dampeners, and protective coverings for cables and wires.

How they are constructed

The traditional three layers of corrugated metal hose construction are the corrugated metal tube, the braid layer, and the end fittings. The corrugated metal tube, which provides flexibility and strength, serves as the hose's major structural component. The braid layer, which is made of braided metal wire or synthetic fibres, adds even another layer of strength and protection from external harm. The hose is connected to the system it is being utilised in with the help of the end fittings, which are normally composed of metal.

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Advantages of Corrugated Metal HosesPhysical strength and light weight are combined.Wide temperature range (-200°C to +550°C) compatibilityExcellent corrosion resistance. Fire, moisture, abrasion, and penetration resistance.Absorbs vibration and noise from pumps, compressors, and engines, among other things.Makes up for irregular or constant movement.Makes up for piping thermal expansion and contraction.Corrects misalignment issues.In difficult locations, a flexible and quick alternative to rigid piping.

Corrugated metal hose offers a lot more qualities and a much longer lifespan than other forms of hose, such as superior flexibility, fatigue resistance, high temperature resistance, and great corrosion resistance (rubber hose, plastic hose). With the advancement of contemporary industry, high and low temperatures, high pressures, and corrosion of corrugated metal hose are becoming more and more prevalent.

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