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Share some MTA 98-366 exam questions and answers below.
A Layer 2 device that connects multiple computers within a network is a: 
Answer: B

One advantage of dynamic routing is that it: 
A.automatically maintains routing tables. 
B.limits traffic derived from routing protocols. 
C.reduces broadcast traffic. 
D.automatically enables DHCP. 
Answer: A 

A cable that meets the lOOOBaseT standard has a maximum length of: 
A.100 m. 
B.250 m. 
C.500 m. 
D.1,000 m. 
Answer: A 

Which of the following represents a Media Access Control (MAC) address? 
Answer: C

A network device that associates a Media Access Control (MAC) address with a port is a: 
A.DSL modem. 
Answer: D

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