What is the worker class Saturday Saturday?
Saturday-Sunday employee class class or maybe it used to be called the distant class program. This Saturday employee class lecture is actually intended for school kids who are already working but still want to continue their education to the tertiary level.

Since 2005, employee class lectures on Saturday and Sunday, there has been an official decree from the Indonesian government, that only certain tertiary institutions may hold this course. Why? this is often often often often because of the rampant cases of faux diplomas and pretend graduations within the community.

In addition to the rampant cases of faux diplomas and pretend graduations during this community, the govt. also realizes that many CPNS applicants suddenly have obtained and have already got degrees, but are doubtful about the quality of their human resources / HR. Therefore, this Saturday - Sunday employee class program has been banned in Indonesia.

However, did you recognize that Saturday's employee class lecture has its strengths and weaknesses? Let's forgot the matter of faux diplomas for a flash because we'll discuss it again within subsequent chapter. For that, education has summarized kind of the strengths and weaknesses that you simply simply simply simply can learn from the Saturday employee class lecture within the week .

1. the advantages of Saturday-Sunday employee class lectures

For workers but still want to continue their education to highschool , surely they're getting to need employee class lectures right? Because through this employee class program, employees can still study while working. Employee class lectures are the right choice for these employees.

Besides having the power to review while working, employee class lectures even have several advantages, especially for those of you who want to wish the Saturday-Sunday employee class lecture program, here are kind of the advantages:

1.1 Not distracted by lectures during office working hours

This is one of the advantages of Saturday-Sunday employee class lectures, you'll consider working Monday to Friday, then you'll consider lectures and campus from Saturday to Sunday.

1.2 Have short lecture hours

If you hear the word lecture, what involves your mind the first time? Boring? Yep! Most Indonesians feel bored because their lecture time is extremely long and feels endless.

For those of you who want to wish the worker class Saturday Sunday, surely this is often often often often not felt by you. Because the lecture time is extremely short (only two days a week), of course, the campus is trying to hunt out ways to convey all learning material albeit it's extremely limited time.

Of course, many an while is cut from each subject so as that the material remains conveyed. So, your actual lecture time isn't all the regular program lecture time.

2. Weaknesses of Saturday-Sunday employee class lectures

Besides the advantages and thus the strengths, actually there are weaknesses, right? actually this Saturday employee class lecture also has it, as an example , students who take the Saturday employee class class program this Saturday certainly rarely have time off or have very limited time off .

Why? Because the holiday time is owned by them, namely on Saturdays and Sundays, it's used for college . Surely this might be very tiring, right? it's difficult, but it isn't impossible to do! The proof is that there are already many of us who have successfully administered these work-related lectures.

Having enough activities will definitely take up your energy and mind. it is vital to wish care of the health of your body, regularly take vitamin C a day so as that your system isn't easily weak and attacked by diseases.

Apart from your physical health, don't forget to concentrate to your mental state . Because, there are many reasons for people to be stressed, right? a minimum of you've to refresh once a month so as that your mind becomes refreshed.

Saturday-Sunday employee class lectures on several campuses

Even though Saturday and Sunday employee class lectures are banned by the govt. . . thanks to the prevalence of faux diplomas and pretend graduations. Actually, this employee class lecture can still do the training . However, there are things that possesses to be considered by the campus. The campus certainly possesses to register a study program that has employee class lectures with BAN-PT so as that it doesn't violate the previous regulations and has already been in effect in Indonesia.

What is BAN-PT? BAN-PT or stands for the National Accreditation Board for education is that the sole accreditation body authorized by the Ministry of Research, Technology and better Education of the Republic of Indonesia in improving the quality of upper education / private universities (PTS) and State Universities (PTN) in Indonesia.

So, for newly established campuses or folks that want to feature new study programs to their campus, it's mandatory to register.

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