Green Indo is a very tame green vein kratom strain. Even the aroma of Green Indo is milder and more understated than other green variants of kratom. The alkaloid content of Green Indo is also lower, though much more balanced rather than extremely high levels of one compound. All of this being said, Green Indo kratom powder is still a decently popular kratom strain for good reason.

Where Does Green Indo Kratom Originate?

As suggested by the name, Green Indo originates from Indonesia and is most commonly grown there.

How Is Green Indo Kratom Made?

Kratom leaves are harvested from the Mitragyna speciosa trees and go through a specialized drying technique and then the leaves are crushed into a powder.

Why Buy Green Indo Kratom From Simple Botanical? 

100% Mitragyna Speciosa. No additives or fillers.

We only sell high-quality, premium kratom.

All of our kratoms is organically grown free of pesticides.

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All of our kratoms is batch lab tested on a regular basis to verify that it is pure unadulterated Mitragyna Speciosa & for mitragynine/alkaloid content. We source our kratom from sustainable farms throughout Southeast Asia. Every strain is ethically grown & harvested. We make no claims regarding our kratom. No directions for use, please see our disclaimer below for more info.

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