Heel pain is common in adults. People with an active lifestyle are often seen searching for an effective sore heel treatmentMoreover, increasing age makes people vulnerable to heel related discomfort.


Sometimes, we blame it on a long day at work and sometimes we assume that it’s the wrong footwear selection that is causing stabbing heel pain. However, changing footwear is not the only solution to address the specific issue. Regular shoes from your favourite brand are not always designed to support the foot anatomy of every individual. Moreover, the functionality of heel counters is sometimes compromised for aesthetics.


Then, you are left with painkillers as the only solution to combat the discomfort. Pills can be taken for temporary relief, however, the risk of toxicity from medication makes it a less appealing solution for sore heels.


The most effective and hassle-free solution to heel pain is custom orthotics. Try them once and you will never look back. Some patients even start to feel improvement in heel pain within minutes of wearing orthotics. In today’s post, we will discuss what orthotics are and how they work to help with heel pain issues.


What are orthotics? 


An orthotic is a foot pad or a heel insert that is uniquely designed to address a specific problem. These inserts work by providing ample support and protection at the bottom of the Diabetic Feet .


The unique design of orthotic insoles ensures that with every step you take, your body weight is distributed equally under the foot and not increasing pressure at the heel region.


In simple words, it can be said that an orthotic insole is an additional layer of support or comfort provided to the feet so that conditions like heel pain and heel spur don’t occur.



Which foot conditions are treated with orthotics

Orthotics are used to redistribute the pressure and provide comfort to heels. This uniquely designed supporting mechanism offers immediate relief in the following conditions:


Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis pain is mostly experienced at the bottom of the feet near the heel. The underlying reason for this pain can be your active lifestyle, uncomfortable footwear or your foot structure.

All these issues can be addressed easily with orthotics. You don’t have to opt for surgical intervention to relieve the stress on the plantar fascia. A sensible solution would be to invest in orthotic friendly shoes and heel inserts. These are specifically designed to provide extra cushioning to the heels and reduce the inflammation of the plantar fascia.


Heel spurs

Spurs are calcium build up that results in bony growth along the edge or underside of the heels. These are excruciatingly painful while walking. With an adequate amount of orthotic padding, you are able to reduce the amount of pressure you put on the heels.

Moreover, orthotics can support the arch of the feet and stabilise the heels to offer immediate relief in heel spurs.


Bumpy heels

Similar to heel spurs, there is a foot condition called Haglund’s Deformity. In this condition, inflammation and irritation are observed at the back portion of the heel. The condition gets worse when the back of the heel rubs against a shoe.


A simple solution to this problem is orthotics. A custom designed orthotic support is needed to reduce the pressure around the heel. For any kind of foot deformity, it is crucial to let a podiatrist diagnose the symptoms and recommend an optimally designed orthotic.



How many types of orthotics are there for heel pain


As mentioned earlier, orthotics can offer immediate relief from heel pain. Your sore feet will thank you for providing the required support and cushioning. There are three different options to relieve the pressure points around and under the heels:


Off-the-shelf shoe inserts: These are mass produced inserts designed to provide additional cushioning to the heels. Don’t expect miraculous improvement in your conditions with these inserts. They are generally low cost support devices that are suitable for people with an active lifestyle.Arch supports: These are highly popular among people with flat feet or high arches. Such foot conditions result in excessive heel pain during activities. Hence, prefabricated arch support makes sense to go prepared with adequate support under the feet.Custom orthotics: These are the shoe inserts that are specially fabricated for you. The design is moulded to address the symptoms you have. Hence, you can expect maximum support and relief in heel pain from these custom designed orthotics. These are further divided into two categories, namely functional orthotics and accommodative orthotics.

Functional orthotics support and correct abnormal foot movement, whereas accommodative orthotics are helpful with foot deformities or conditions like plantar fasciitis.



Orthotics are designed to address specific issues and provide ample support and cushioning to treat heel pain.


Based on the severity of the heel pain or the underlying reason, you can select what works best for you. Moreover, it is recommended to consult with a podiatrist. They can conduct a thorough biomechanical assessment to understand your foot anatomy. Their years of experience and advanced imaging technology enable them to prescribe the best fit for your heel pain condition.


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